Scrum@Scale Summit

Berlin – October 15th

Welcome to the Scrum@Scale Summit! Join us for our event in Europe, hosted in Berlin on October 15th. This summit is designed for enthusiasts, experts, and practitioners interested in exploring the expansive horizons of Scrum@Scale. Gain insights from leading practitioners, participate in hands-on workshops, and connect with a diverse community of professionals. Dive into the future of agility with us and chart the course for a more agile, resilient, and successful future.

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Navigating the Future of Agility: Innovate, Scale, Succeed.

At the heart of the Scrum@Scale Summit lies our central theme: “Navigating the Future of Agility: Innovate, Scale, Succeed.” This theme encapsulates our mission to delve into the evolving landscape of agility, where innovation serves as our compass, scaling amplifies our impact, and success becomes a shared journey. Through this theme, we invite attendees to explore the depths of Scrum@Scale, unravel the complexities of scaling Agile methodologies, and unlock the full potential within their teams and organizations.


Langenbeck Virchow Haus

Join us in the historic atmosphere of Langenbeck Virchow Haus, once home to the Berlin Medical Association, restored in 2005. Set in Berlin’s heart, it blends rich history with modern elegance. This iconic venue embodies Berlin’s spirit of resilience and reinvention, providing the perfect backdrop for the Scrum@Scale Summit.

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Join Us at the Scrum@Scale Summit in Berlin on October 25th