The Art of Leading

& Systemic Approach

Leadership Demands More Than Traditional Strategies.

The Art of Leading As Healing

"The Art of Leading As Healing" is an innovative training designed to transform traditional leadership paradigms into nurturing and transformative processes. Through a journey from doing to being, leaders are equipped to not only achieve goals but also to enrich the lives and potentials of their team members, truly embodying the role of a healer within their organizations.

Systemic Approach

"Creating Value with a Systemic Approach" is a focused training designed to equip participants with the tools and insights needed to drive value creation through holistic and interconnected thinking. This program emphasizes understanding complex systems, recognizing patterns, and leveraging relationships within an organization to foster innovation and sustainable growth.

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About The Program

In this Leadership Development Program, you're not just learning; you're evolving.

At SysArt, we offer an innovative approach to leadership development through our bespoke services, focusing on Systemic Agility and the transformative concept of Leading As Healing. Our programs are meticulously crafted to not only guide but also inspire leaders to embrace a holistic and agile mindset, fostering an environment of growth, adaptability, and profound understanding.

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Leadership is not a position but a choice

The Art of Leading As Healing​

I. Understand the Human Mindset

"Understand the Human Mindset" delves into the intricacies of individual thought patterns, exploring the diverse spectrum of human cognition and behavior.

• Why do people differ?
• Inside the mindset
• Hearing the mindsets
• The difference between a
fixed mindset and a growing mindset
• Neuro-scientific perspective

II. Lead by Wisdom

"Lead by Wisdom" elevates leadership from mere management to the art of mindful guidance, embracing diversity and nurturing growth within the organization.

• Mindful leading
• The power of diversities
• From executing to nurturing
• Organisations seeking meaning
• Organisations that grow
• Communication across cultures• Changing mindsets

Workshop: The Journey from Doing to Being

The workshop "The Journey from Doing to Being" guides participants through a transformative experience, shifting focus from task-oriented execution to embodying a presence that inspires and nurtures.

Embark on a transformative experience that shifts your perspective from task-oriented to being-centric leadership.
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How to create value with a systemic approach

Systemic Approach

I. Fundamentals of a System

"Fundamentals of a System" explores the core principles of systems thinking, illuminating the intricate web of entities, functions, and relationships that define any organized structure.

• What is systems thinking?
• What emergence means in systems thinking?
• Understanding the function, form & entity in the systems.
• Identifying the entities of a system.

II. Applying systems thinking

"Applying Systems Thinking" delves into practical strategies for integrating a systemic perspective into daily operations, enhancing agility and responsiveness within teams and organizations.

• How to establish boundaries?
• Functional and formal relationships inside and outside of the teams.
• Predicting and understanding emergence.
• Policy resistance in the context of agile
• Causal loop diagrams and identifying key variables.

III. How to increase the performance

"Increasing Performance" focuses on leveraging systemic insights and strategic thinking to elevate team efficiency and overall organizational output.

Engage in hands-on activities to apply systems thinking for boosting team dynamics and performance.
Discover and overcome the barriers to your team’s efficiency and unleash their full potential.
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Our instructors

Dr. Işıl Keskin Şahan

Communication Scientist, Researcher, Intercultural Communication Consultant, Boğaziçi University Lifelong Learning Centre (BÜYEM) Project Consultant, Education&Training Entrepreneur (Co-Founder CABANA &GetAhead)

Suha Selçuk

Founder of SysArt , T4A & Open Agile Turkey | Consultant | Author | RST | RS@ST

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