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Aslıhan Azeri

Agile Coach / Cultural Transformation Practitioner

Aslıhan is a results-driven Agile Coach and Cultural Transformation Practitioner with 14 years of expertise guiding transformation projects at enterprise and team levels. She is dedicated to promoting a culture of clarity and simplicity within complex systems. With a deep understanding of SDLC, Agile Transformation, Cultural & Behavioral Change, and Team Building, she has delivered consultancy, coaching, and training services to leaders, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and development teams. 

Her foundations are in software testing and SDLC process design & improvement. After a brief stint in technical sales & consultancy at HPE Enterprise, she moved to agile and cultural transformation.

She acted as a Product Owner and Transformation Lead for Softtech Inc.’s transformation journey, spearheading the agile transformation program and establishing frameworks to empower autonomous teams, leading to maximized customer and business value. Additionally, she has provided Agile consultancy and coaching to B/S/H. 

Aligned with agile transformation, she helped organizations such as Softtech Inc. and Isbank assess corporate culture and provided consultancy for identifying and implementing areas for improvement to enculturate a democratic, high-performing, and agile organizational culture.

Beyond her professional expertise, Aslihan is also an accomplished actor and tap dancer. Her love for the arts has taught her to approach problem-solving creatively and open-mindedly, always looking for new and innovative ways to approach challenges. 

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