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Dr. Işıl Keskin Şahan

Communication Scientist
Intercultural Communication Consultant

She has worked in senior positions in various industries, emphasising behavioural and cognitive perspectives. Her main areas of expertise are leadership, agile leadership, interpersonal communication, corporate communication, marketing communication & digitalisation, corporate communication in terms of communication science and neuroscience with a focus on business and working life.

After receiving a scholarship, Ms Şahan completed a postgraduate Executive MBA (EMBA) in London and then continued her doctoral studies in communication sciences. Since 2005, she has conducted leadership empowerment projects with well-known international and national companies and financial institutions. The beneficiaries of these projects have reached around 15,000 people in 16 countries and 34 different cultures.

Ms Şahan is a columnist for The Economist in Turkey. She writes for The Economist magazine.

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