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İlker Özkaya

Agile Coach

With more than 20 years of work experience, İlker Özkaya is an Agility Coach/Consultant who has worked at almost every level within the IT departments of corporate companies.
He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer and has a Master of Business Administration (in English) degree. He has conducted research in the field of ‘Digital Identity Using Blockchain Technology’ as his master’s project.
He had started his professional career at Nokia Networks as a ‘Cell Tracker’ in 3rd operator network planning. Then he worked for companies such as Meteksan Sistem, Koç Sistem,  Vakıfbank IT and Intertech in different roles like ‘Account Manager’, ‘Software Engineer’, ‘R&D Engineer’, ‘Project Manager’, ‘Scrum Master’, Agile Coach’, ‘Agile/Scrum/Kanban Trainer’. He is currently holding certificates like PMP, PSM I-II, PSPO I, PAL I, SPS, Cert.OKR, KMP I-II. He tries to make  contributions to the development of the sector together with Pmi Turkey, Agile Kanban Istanbul in which he takes part as a volunteer, and Agile Society Turkey of which he is a founding member.
Özkaya, whom has adopted the culture of continuous improvement and development as his life philosophy, takes great pleasure in offering businesses discovering and finding their own better versions in terms of ways of working.
İlker Özkaya, who is a good sports follower, enjoys doing sports, reading books and travelling in his spare time.

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