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Mustafa Yıldız

Scrum Master / Team Coach

Mustafa holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Air Force Academy (TurAFA), and his first contact with agile frameworks dates back to those years at the academy thanks to his Queuing Theory and Operational Research studies.

Throughout his professional career, which covers 16 years in military and continues with private sector, he has honed his skills in leadership, project management, extensive planning and creating high-performing teams. As a certified Scrum Master, he is now a consultant specialized in agile frameworks, and has contributed to agile transformation journey of B/S/H supporting various Scrum/Kanban teams implementing SAFe.

He has a special interest in contemporary art, and has been studying Media and Visual Arts at Koç University. He also loves distance running, and is a finisher of 63-km-long Cappadocia Medium Trail race.

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